Sunday, August 2, 2015

Reel to Reel tape - Pop a vein? No - Pop Pavanne

I have been listening to a few Reel to Reel tapes. (They sound fantastic.)

I thought I would post this one here because it seems to be rare. There is no mention of it on Discogs, or anywhere else I have found. 
The artist is The new Elizabethans, the title of the album is Pop Pavanne. I suspect the music was recorded somewhere around 1967-1969 based on the only other recording by this group that I know of.
The reel runs at 7 1/2" per second. This one is in mint condition and has no tape stretch or drop outs!
Astor AST314 is the catalog number. 

The style of music I would describe as 1960's orchestral. I guess the band is called  The new Elizabethans because they use harpsichord in most of the tracks. There is also bass guitar, acoustic guitar, castanets, bells, tambourines, flute, trumpet and more. The album incorporates many styles but is a sort of cross between classical harpsichord crossed with flamenco guitar, and easy listening lounge music.
I like it! 

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