Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Audioline Australian made speakers

This post is a tribute to, and a documentation of the various models of Audioline brand speaker. There is no other mention of Audioline speakers on the internet so I thought I would do a brief write up.

Audioline speakers, were manufactured in Melbourne Australia by a company called BD Imports. They also made similar speakers under the Linear Design name.  BD Imports was run by a fellow named Wayne Douglas. (From the Douglas hifi stores) This company currently make the Jensen branded speakers sold in JB Hi-Fi.

BD Imports does not appear to make any speakers under the Audioline brand name anymore.

The Audioline brand name is now entirely owned by JB Hifi and currently makes car amplifiers and some PA speakers.  I am unclear if the Audioline brand was always owned by JB Hi-Fi or if BD imports previously had some ownership of the name? I will try to find out.

This blog post covers the Australian made speakers manufactured by BD imports, between the late 1970's and 1990's. It does not cover the newer Audioline car amps or PA speakers. As a side note, I did in the past own an Audioline car amplifier and found that it sounded very clear, and was extremely reliable.

I like Audioline because they are made and designed in Australia. (using imported speaker drivers)
They are usually big, and have a minimum of 10" bass drivers.
They usually have a wide frequency response. No matter which model, they all seem to genuinely  play low to about 30Hz. They also give a "big" sound that I like.

I guess Audioline was Australia's version of Cerwin Vega, and according to the "About us" section of Jensen speakers website, even some Cerwin Vega speakers were designed in Australia, presumably by Wayne Douglas? -If anyone can confirm this, let me know....
I also like Cerwin Vega.

In order to honestly review Audioline speakers I have to mention the negative aspects as well as the good.
The cabinets on some models use thin wood.
The crossovers use very cheap components and also only use 6dB/octave crossovers. (some people actually like the sound of 6dB/octave crossovers better than 12dB) Some bass drivers on some models run full range!
The plastic surrounds around the drivers on some models cause dispersions and reflections and negatively affect the sound. Thankfully the plastic surrounds can be removed and this improves the sound dramatically.

The good aspect is that overall these are a very good sounding speaker, they are able to deliver deep clear tonal bass, and dynamics like only a big speaker can. Sonic detail is very good. The presentation of the mid and high frequencies is not as refined as more expensive speakers (over $2000), but I would describe this as being more like an error of omission rather than something which is glaringly wrong with the sound. There does not appear to be any major peaks or dips in the mid/high region which negatively affect the sound. Vocals sound clean and clear. The sound quality of these speakers is well above anything else at their price point.

For better sound - remove the plastic surrounds from around the drivers, and power them with a quality amplifier and source.  

When searching the internet I found a post on a forum discussing the sound of Audioline - this is what one guy thinks of the sound.

I often get asked which amp to use for powering Audioline speakers so please see my post here which is an edited version of a reply that I sent to a nice gentleman who wrote me an email asking me about amplifiers.

Pictures of various models below: 


Also sold as the Linear Design TS-1000 shown below:

Size W - 36cm, H - 105 cm, Depth - 38 cm


    Dual 12" woofers
    5" Mid-range
    Dome tweeter
    Dimensions: 41" (H) x 13.5" (W) x 15" (D)
    Max power: 200Watts
    Response: 26 - 20 Khz
    Sensitivity: 95 dB   

AL-1200 version 1

AL-1200 version 2. - Note the different tweeter
AL-1200 version 2

A couple of notes regarding this speaker. There are two versions of this model that I know of.
One of them is an earlier version. It uses two 12" (30cm) bass drivers. The later model also known as the AL-1000 has two 10" bass drivers. Sometimes you cant tell from looking at a photo with the covers on which one has the 12" drivers. The distinguishing feature is the sticker on front of the speaker. The 12" says 2x30cm on the sticker. They also look very different with the covers off.

12 inch cabinet dimensions:
Measuring 97cm H x 40cm W x 36cm D

Woofer: 2 x 30cm (12")
Mid: 11cm
Tweeter 1" dome
Maximum Power = 170Watts

10 inch cabinet dimensions:
 Size: 96cm H x 30cm W x 33cm D

Woofer 2 x 10"
Mid 11cm
Tweeter 1" dome
Maximum Power = 170 Watts

This AL-1000 above has two 10" bass drivers.
The AL-1000 above has two 12" bass drivers.

Dimensions: 60 x 30 x 25cm
Weight: 8 kg each
Power Handling: 120w (Peak)
Impedance: 8 ohms
Sensitivity: 94dB


Unknown Model with 12" woofers
320mm x 230mm x 550mm 
This looks to be similar to the "Audioline by Foster" except this model uses a sealed cabinet
800H X 400W X 310D



This one has a more upmarket "look" to it. But I think it only has two 8" drivers which would make this the smallest bass driver that Audioline used - but even so, this is still bigger than most other "tower" speakers.

 Here is a picture of the VX-800 with dark wood veneer. I prefer the lighter colour.


                                                                      Audioline 807B

This model also seems to use 8" bass drivers. You can also see that Audioline also made centre speakers for home theatre use. It seems they were sometimes sold as a "package".


                 965mm high, 300mm wide & about 270mm deep.

The AL-800 only goes to 34Hz. It also only goes up to 18Khz. This one is interesting because it has a paper cone tweeter.

 How cute is this?
             The AL-250 mini bookshelf / rear surround speakers.

 Height 97cm W 24cm D33

AL  8018

H97 W24  D33 
(same as the 8078 above but with different drivers)

Audioline 232
No information

Audioline by Foster
no information

Unknown Audioline
Has 12" Woofers. Paper mid-range and tweeters.

Unknown Audioline.
No information. Note the wood grain finish.
I suspect this is from the late 1970's or early 80's.

Audioline AL-200
90 Watt
Dimensions 36cm high  x 23cm wide


The last picture is of the AL-4415 because who doesn't like a 15" bass driver?
I know I do :-)

              The AL-4415 has a 15" woofer, two mids and a tweeter.
Height - 850mm
Width - 435mm
Depth - 390mm


  1. Awesome work, very helpful. Thanks mate

  2. Hi does anyone know anything about the Audioline Outdoor Speakers Model no AL-1000 ? as i had looked all over google to find specifications on these great sounding speakers as they are 2 way speakers and both have a 4.5inch or 5 inch woofer and a tweeter in both speakers. as im trying to find how much they are worth

  3. Actually I don't know the outdoor speaker range, but I think this is from the newer range. Not really from the "classic" range that this blog is about.

    One of the great things about Audioline is that they are great sounding speakers, but secondhand tend to sell for little money.
    In average condition smaller Audioline speakers like the AL-600 sell for $60 to $120.
    In Average condition the Large Audioline speakers sell for $100 - $300.
    If the speakers are in above average to mint condition, it will depend upon the buyer, but higher prices may be possible. The models with 12" and 15" drivers tend to sell for more than the ones with 10" drivers.

  4. I just bought a pair of AL-1200 from ebay for $31 they need reform also has blue surrounds instead of red and run a dual tweeter.. Must be a later model still 200watt not sure if response is changed or anything just never seen them with blue surrounds.

    1. I think these have had new surrounds put on them. You should tell me what you think of the sound

  5. Agent 86 are any of these bi-ampable?

    1. Stock standard, none of the Audioline speakers that I know of, have bi-wire terminals on the back, but, if you really wanted to, and have some basic electronics knowledge (gleaned from the internet if need be) you can bi wire any 2 or 3 way speaker.

  6. Agent 86 I just bought a pair of AL 1200's :)

    1. Cool! Let me know what you think of the sound. Thanks :)

    2. The sound is good.Real good.Exactly what I have been searching for.I paid 220 for them and they are in perfect condition.I took off the plastic surrounds as suggested and I think there was an improvement in the sound.

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  8. mmmm why are my comments not being shown????

  9. Because I have to approve them first. LOL

  10. The old audioline speakers, as shown above, were manufactured in Melbourne by a company called BD Imports. They also made similar speakers under the Linear Design name and was run by a fellow named Wayne Douglas. (From the Douglas hifi stores) This company currently make the Jensen branded speakers sold in jbhifi. I still have a pair of al-600s which although I don't use, I cannot get rid of as they are such cool speakers. Hope this was of interest.

    1. This is invaluable information. What a wonderful contribution. I hope you don't mind, but I'm putting your comments at the top of the blog.

    2. There is a pair of AL-600 speakers in our household too. Yes they are amazing sounding little speakers. They are warm sounding with full deep bass, and plenty of clarity to satisfy all but the most fussy audiophile. A little gem!

  11. picked some AL-1200 from cash convertors years ago...they make great front speakers for my home theatre, A very bassy old school sound to them which I like...my 1200w powered sub is still in the box :p

    I was trying to find the Ohms on them though...my amp is a pioneer 110w x 7..@ 8ohm
    trying to source some good rears/sides to complement the Audiolines...

  12. All my Audioline speakers are 4 Ohm. I'd say yours are too...
    Two pairs of Audioline AL-600 will make very nice side and rear speakers.

    1. Ok I finally got my AL-525 centre speaker back. sounds great..I had to pull it apart but it has 8 ohm stamped on the speaker...So out of curiosity I pulled the Mid out of the AL-1200 for a look and that has 8 ohm on it too...

  13. Hey guys. Looking to purchase sown al 1200s. I'm not sure of the impedance value. Mentioned above the 600s are 8ohms. Can I assume the 1200s are too. Anyone with a pair able to shed some light ?

    1. You can safely assume your speakers are 4 ohm.

  14. anyone refoamed a set of Al-1000s, just picked up a pair and all 4 12" woofers need a make over.
    Any advice would be great as i've never done it before.

    1. Ouch! Thats a nasy job! You need to remove all the old surround, and with the basket facing up, locate the surround perfectly central, then glue the surround to the cone wait for it to dry then glue the surround to the basket.

    2. Hi Grosey - do you happen to know the impedance of the 12" AL-1000 series? 4 or 8 ohm?

  15. Great work on the site. I have had the AL -600's for years (over 30 I think). They are identical to your picture and what is interesting is that they are branded as Peterson Laboratory Speakers virtually in the same spot as the Audioline Branding. I think they were purchased from Brash's many moons ago. I live on the coast and the woofer/rubber died in 2005 so I have had the speakers re-coned and a new crossover installed. They work best on a speaker stand elevated say 45cm off the ground, and I set them to "small" in my surround system (pioneer vsx-827 receiver) as I have a Jensen sub. These are awesome speakers and still sound brilliant after all these years. In fact they sound better than my Jensen QX-35s from JB that have been relocated to another room They also look great with the covers off. They handle all types of music and really pack some punch when playing a good DVD audio in DTS.

    1. Yes the AL-600 is a very special speaker which sounds much better than anyone might expect. They compete very nicely with speakers costing in the thousands.

  16. Hi I have some linear design k 3500 in this model the bass drivers seem to run in full range .. Is there any mods I can do to make these speakers better?

    1. Yes you are correct that the bass drivers run full range. If you add an inductor (estimate around 3-4mH) in series with the bass driver and between the inductor and bass driver you run a 400uF capacitor across positive and ground then you will limit the bass frequencies to about 400hz and this may improve the percieved sound. However there will be some very losses in the power getting to the bass driver, which may slightly lower the bass output.
      Replacing all electrolytic capacitors in the crossover network to some film capacitors of the same capacitance in uF will percievably improve the sound.

  17. i have had my Al-3210 speakers for 15 years now. bought from JB HIFI and can't remember how much i paid. i do remember the sound testing in the store. they were they 4th set i listened too and i was taken straight away by the bass. bought them mainly for house parties back in the uni days. cooked 2 amps trying to run them before splashing out on a new pioneer vsx-D510. all the gear is so big compared to new stuff stuff today that it sits in storage until we have a party. and then i get to show off my pride and joy (until the cops come around and ask me to turn it down). i love the big sound they put out.

  18. Hi,I have the linear design ts-1200 speakers . I would like to replace the midrange speakers with some better ones, any ideas? they are 8ohms and have this written on back 'M121148PUP30" Thanks for any help.Glen

    1. First you need to measure the sensitivity of the midrange drivers. Sensitivity is measured in Decibels at 1 watt. Once you find out how sensitive they are. I guess around 95dB. Then you need to find a better speaker of the same size that has the same sensitivity. The problem is that Audioline speakers are quite sensitive, and most modern hifi speakers have a lower sensitiity. This means they will play quieter than the original, and this will sound wrong. So you really have to measure the sensitivity before changing anything.

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  20. Hi there :)
    I was searching Audioline speakers and found your informatiive blog. Some have came up - AL-3210. Any idea of the crossover values of these speakers?

    On about sensitivity,my Jensens are 93dB, whereas the Marantz are 89dB,and need more volume for the same sound.

    1. Hmm, I can measure the inductor values, I'll have to get back to you on that. The capacitor values will be able to be read when you remove the bass drivers and tweeter. I know one of the capacitors is 4.7uf. If you are asking for the crossover points in frequency - well I'll work that out when I measure the inductors.

      You need them to go louder??? OK, well if you play them too loud they will start to distort, and then shortly afterwards the speaker coils will burn, and then you will be upset.

      Never play speakers so loud that they start to distort.

      The maximum SPL that can be obtained from the speaker can be calculated by the senistivity of the speaker and the maximum power handling of the speaker drivers. Sensitivity is rated at 1 Watt. If you put 1 Watt in, you get 93dB out. every time you double the power you get an extra 3dB from the speakers. By my calculations, assuming a maximum of 200 Watts can be put into these speakers, the maximum SPL you will get from one speaker @ 1 meter is 117dB and to do this you need to put 216 Watts into them. If using a pair of speakers add 3db = 120dB. Thats quite loud!!!

      You can get better "cleaner" sound by getting a more powerful amplifier.Because the power rails of the amp wont "sag" during loud tranient passsages giving more "control" over the sound.

  21. If you want to work that out yourself - this document seems to explain it quite well.

  22. Agent86,
    I wonder if you could clarify which models you're referring to...

    Quote: The plastic surrounds around the drivers on some models cause dispersions and reflections and negatively affect the sound. Thankfully the plastic surrounds can be removed and this improves the sound dramatically.

    I am a proud owner of several Audio-line speakers atm. The AVX-1001 powered sub-woofer (2x 8" driver & ported), pair of AL-600, pair of AL-8018, AL-525 & AL 424 center channel speakers.
    Now they all have the "plastic surround with the red line" on the woofers & some have the same plastic on the mid-range drivers as well, however some of the mid-range drivers have a perforated metal grill over them. So should I remove all those surrounds & what should I listen for afterwards?

    I've also find that all the speakers have incomplete crossovers. Audioline has cut corners on what we may not hear.
    Like there is no bandpass in the 3-way AL-600 & AL-8018, but a high pass cap for the mid & another for the tweeter. Same goes for the center channels. There is no low pass for the woofers just a cap for the tweeter.
    I am thinking of modifying the centers with a 2.5-way crossover at 700Hz & 6KHz LP & HP at 6KHz of course for the tweeter replacing the current capacitor. Also have tried adding temporarily a band pass for the AL-600 3-way speakers to have them cross at 1.25KHz LP (existing filter), adding an inductor for 1.5KHz LP, before the current HP capacitor at mid-range & replacing it with a much larger value for BP from to HP 5.5KHz. Also the tweeter gets a new slightly higher value capacitor for HP.
    The band pass filter has removed some distortion I have noticed on one of the AL-600 speakers playing a LOG sweep from 20Hz to 20KHz where the high frequency for the tweeter entered the mid-range squealing badly. Also the AL-600's don't sound so bright with the BP filter.
    I have used an online crossover calculator here => http://www.diyaudioandvideo.com/Tutorial/Crossover/ to obtain the approximate values to what I need to cross & can buy at Jaycar. So the frequency spread is not exactly 8:3 octave.
    Thinking of adding the band-pass for the AL-8018 as well. Love the 8" drivers in them!
    Thinking of buying a pair of AL-1000 with the 2x 12" woofers, but not sure I'd like the sound of them or the look. Who knows if they even have a crossover for the woofers. However I think the AL-1000 with the 10" woofers looks nicer & would pair up better with my SVS sub for HT.
    If this is way too much info just let me know, but if you understand what I am trying to do please give your honest 2c's or perhaps steer me to someone who could help before I mod it all blindly. This is my first time with crossovers, but I understand electronics due to my trade >;o)
    Cheers, Frosty

    1. OK, Im referring to any models with plastic surrounds on the midrange or tweeter. The plastic surround causes the air to hit the plastic surround first, then disperse which results in the sound to reflect back upon itself (sort of like a car muffler) This results in subtle (negative) colouration (distortion) of the sound. Its better for the air to leave the paper cone and go straight to your ear, rather than hitting another surface first. I think you will notice an improvement if you are a fussy listener. - Or perhaps not - report back ! :-) I never removed the grilles from my AL-600 midrange. I expect it would sound better removed - again please report back if you try it.

      The online crossover calculator is perfect. It saves you doing the calculations manually on paper. You can always reverse your crossover modifications later if you wanted to (not that you would want to). Speakers will have a certain frequency response in one room and different in another, so tuning them for your room is an ideal thing to do. You can also tune them to suit your ears. There is nothing wrong with that!

    2. Agent 86 I took the plastic surrounds of ALL drivers of my 1200's.I think the bass is much better this way,

  23. Hello Agent86,
    Thanks for the info on sensitivity and the link. I have a Technics amp, 120x2 per channel. I meant are the Linear design good down low, when playing at low volumes. Sadly i missed the AL-3210. Another one on gumtre,a LD 2500, asking 250neg, i think its a bit much.

    1. Any Audioline speaker gives excellent (strong) bass at low volumes. But having said that, the human ear does not have an even sensitivity to low frequencies at low volumes. That is why older amplifiers had a "loudness" switch, which is designed to boost the bass at lower volumes to address the imbalance of the human ear.

    2. Thanks Agent 86. AL sound awesome. I missed the LD2500, i think i best not mention the next time they appear. I shall keep a lookout for them :)

  24. Hi. I just picked up a pair of Linear Design K 2000 speakers from a recycle center for $5. They look identical to the AL600. Rated at 100W and according to the label manufactured by BD imports.

  25. Great blog, have had a pair of AL - 1200`s for years and they have outlasted 3 amplifiers.
    They still sound great and I`ll probably never get rid of them.

  26. can anyone tell me if they made a model AL 10?has a single 6'' speaker,2 small ports.housed in a wood frame.appear to be from 60's?have screw down - and + ,plus a single rca type plug in.im not sure if they are rare altech lansings,or what ur talking about.have removable woven cloth mesh covers.small 1'' metal badge with"AL10".ANY INFO PLS EMAIL ME AT thmscff@gmail.com.thanks

  27. Hi, i have a pair of the AL-4415 and on 1 of the speakers the 2 mids and tweeter isnt working, can you buy new parts for these or get them fixed?

    1. I suggest removing the mids and tweeter that are not working and check them with an ohmmeter to see if they are short. If they are not, then please check the wiring inside the cabinet. The wires are attached with spade terminals and sometimes fall off, and other times get oxidised and just need to be cleaned. If you do need replacement drivers you can probably purchase another pair of Audioline speakers and remove the mids and tweeter and install them into your cabinet. Many of the mids and tweeters are the same.

    2. Definatly tweeter and mids not working, is there anywhere to get replacements? would most likely be easier to get new mids and tweeter than get repaired?

    3. You should buy a pair of use AL-3210 because they use the same mids and tweeters. - Just swap over the drivers.

      Did you measure the mids with an ohm meter? How do you know they are dead?

    4. its only 1 tweeter and mid not working soz. i actually took them out and swapped them with the working speakers and theres nothing. I am still wanting to relace or fit the mid and tweeter.

    5. I have had no luck at finding second hand linear design speakers. Can i upgrade the mids and tweeters on the al-4415? I wouldn't know really what i'm looking for or where, can you help?

    6. I put an add on gumtree wanting speakers and within couple days a bloke contacted me with a pair of linear design 3500's for $200 so i immediatly grabbed them. 3500's 200watts 4 ohm 95db sensitivity, mint condition.
      I still would like to get the mids and tweeter sorted for Al-4415's.

  28. I have a pair of AL 1000's and have noticed that the bass ports are capped inside the cabinet.
    Easy to remove as they are just black caps slid over them.
    Does anyone have any idea why this is done ?
    Had the speakers since brand new, so was not someone elses expirement.
    Suppsoe I should un experiment one day and see what it sounds like :-)

    1. The caps are there to change the cabinet from sealed to vented enclosure. The sealed box will give you deeper bass with less group delay (phase change). Removing the caps will probably give you a bass hump, (or boost) at some frequency, but give you less deep bass. Commonly people leave the caps in if the speakers are against the wall, and remove them if they are further out from the wall. Just remove them and see which way sounds better to you.

    2. I tapped the port caps off (Easier than opening them up for the moment) As they sit up about 2' above the floor on storage boxes and about 8 inches out from the wall and feel it has helped low down base at modest volume. As they are on a AV setup and get used for everything from movies to music reckon it is a good thing to do, surely can hear a difference.
      Have you heard about packing the ports with drinking straws to tune it a little ?

    3. Yes, I have heard of people stuffing ports with straws. I have no doubt that it will change the sound. There is nothing wrong with experimenting. Its how we learn.

  29. Great write up! I've had a pair of AL-1000 since new in 1994. Finally seems like one of the capacitors in the crossover has died on one of the speakers (only midrange is working but both bass drivers and tweeter is not working). I've ordered a 100V 2.2uF capacitor and intend on replacing that to see if that's the problem (it is mounted on the inside of the speaker wire plate). Wondering if you have any other advice, or a recommendation to upgrade both crossovers in each speaker to something that might make then sound even better? Amp is a Rotel RA-980BX. Cheers J

    1. You could replace the electrolytic capacitors with a polypropylene film type capacitor. They will sound slightly cleaner and clearer.

  30. Firstly, I could be wrong. I dont have the speaker in front of me, but, I don't think it will be a capacitor which has died. For the bass drivers not to be working, I think a wire will have popped off, or become oxidised. Try unplugging all spade terminals and re-plugging them in the same location. Make sure all wires are connected and all solder joints are good. another method to try is - With the sound down low (and the speakers connected to the amp) wiggle the wires inside the cabinet, and see if you get a crackle or some audio coming out. Be careful not to short any wires or it might damage your amp if it does not have a protection circuit! Good luck!

    As far as upgrades go.... Good quality, tonally rich, and realistic bass are the strong points of all Audioline speakers. So you don't really need to do anything to the bass section. The midrange crossover on these speakers tends to have a low output because the bass drivers cover a lot of the midrange sounds, and the tweeter kicks in fairly low. So I dont think you need to touch the midrange driver.

    Upgrading the tweeter is probably where I would start if I was going to upgrade a pair of Audioline speakers..

    Just remember to check the diameter of the original tweeter and purchase a suitably sized replacement pair of tweeters. If they are too big, you will have to use a router to increase the hole size! If the tweeter does not sit flush with the cabinet, it wont sound right.

    I recommend a tweeter that goes low to about 1.5Khz, and spend anywhere from $30 - $60 per tweeter. Madisound in USA has good prices and reasonable shipping to Australia. Or source something locally.

  31. Thanks for the advice. You are correct on the capacitors and there was oxidation between the inductor and the wiring. Just a correction though - mine were K-2500's. You've got a picture of them above but they're labelled as AL-1000's (with twin 12" woofers).

    I found out two woofers and a tweeter were blown on one speaker by removing them and testing them individually. I actually got in touch with Wayne Douglas at BD Imports and he sent me through new speakers (all 6) - so I rebuilt the cabinets while I was at it, and replaced all the internal wiring while I was in there. Wayne didn't have the original woofers in stock anymore, or the tweeters, but sent me speakers with the same properties as those in the K-2500. He told me to put extra bracing in the cabinets. Anyway, they sound great - it sounds like the tweeters I have are better than the old ones too - so glad I went to the trouble of rebuilding them.

    Check out the end result: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/49436877/K-2500%20rebuild.JPG

    1. What a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing.

      I really like your rebuilt speaker cabinets. I have no doubt that your more modern tweeter sounds better. You have done a fine job, and probably have a pair of speakers that will last you many years.

    2. Yeah they're the shiz. Still loving them.

  32. Hi, love your blog!
    I am looking to grab a pair of audioline al-3210 speakers but I am wondering whether my bottom of the range yammy amp (htr-3065 I think) will be able to get a decent enough sound out of them.
    Also, my dad owns a pair of audioline vx-600 speakers which I didn't see in the pictures above! They are great speakers :)

    1. Hi Max.
      I think your Yamaha amplifier will be just fine.

      Regarding the VX-600 - please take some photos and send me a link. I'll put the pictures on the blog!

    2. Hi Guys, can you recommend a right Amp to use for the Al1000 (170watts) i just picked one up cheap on Ebay

  33. Great article! I bought my Linear Design linear design TS800 floor standers back in 2002 for $400 brand new and they are still going strong. They look exactly the same with the same specs as the Audioline AL-800 speakers in your article. I have used them on a 2 channel amp, but they have been the front channel speakers on my surround setup for years after. Great sound even at high volume and plenty of bass for the price. The foam surrounds are still intact but recently I removed the front cover to find that a bug had eaten parts of the foam surround on the mid, and made some holes in my paper cone tweeter and made it part of it's little cocoon grrr! Looks like it happened a while back, so make sure you check behind the speaker grills ever now and then!

  34. Hey guys please help, where could I get a pair of al- 1200's?

    1. Ebay or Gumtree or occasionally you find a pair in Cash Converters.

  35. Andrew needs some speakers !July 30, 2014 at 4:35 AM

    Hello all, hoping someone maybe able to help me. Im trying to track down some Audioline speakers. Prefer something in the big range AL100 - AL1200 etc. Any leads on where l can find some would be very helpful. I appreciate there are other speakers on the market but l just love the sound of these. Prepared to travel to purchase if needed. Thanks Andrew

  36. There are some on eBay right now!


  37. Or some H12's - a bit on the pricey side though - they look similar to my K-2500's that were $1000 for the pair in 1994.


  38. I have a pair of original AL-1000 12" drivers. Look and play like mint.
    What would they be worth please?
    Or maybe they not worth selling?

    1. Please accept my appology. I misunderstood your comment, and upon reading it again I realise that you were asking about the speakers and not the drivers. I suggest keeping your speakers because their sound quality outweighs their monetary value.

  39. Hi Agent86

    Jensen VX-600 speakes look very much like the VX-800 AL speakers in your picture. Are they 4 or 8ohm

    Thank you

    1. I'm sorry to say I don't know the answer to every question. But feel free to ask more :)

  40. i have a pair of K-800 which i got from a garage sale for $20 the pair. what are they worth?
    i like the feel of them but i need a better driver for the amp to attain, true sound.


    1. My only interest is in their sound, and their contribution to Australian Hi - Fi history. If you enjoy your speakers then they are priceless. If you try to sell them, they are worth whatever someone is prepared to pay. Try to replace them and you will have a hard time finding a pair. Thanks for your comment

  41. I have a pair of k-2500 speakers. Bought them years ago at Cashies. The specs are
    Must be one of the lucky ones are I way 2x 12'' subs, midrange and a tweeterad:
    4 ohms
    Max music input 170W
    Sensitivity 96 DB.

    Still sounding great after all these years

  42. Hi,
    great info. Thank you.
    I bought my first speakers and amp from JB Hi Fi's original Avondale Heights store in March 1987.
    The speakers were Audioline by Foster. Big floor standing 3 ways (I sold them in 2011 on eBay).
    The amp was a Sansui A-500 30W X 2.
    The CD player was a Sharp.
    The sound was really good.

  43. Does anyone know which speaker models timbre match the al-525/545. There is not a lot of info about what tweeters and mids are used and I want to look for the best match I can for HT duties.


  44. I have owned a pair of Linear Design H-15 speakers for years but never known much about them. They sound great to me. Are they good speakers? How old might they be? How expensive would they have been when they came out?

    1. Interesting. I haven't seen the Linear Design H-15. If you like the sound then they are good speakers! Its difficult to say how old they are, but I guess they are from the 1980's. Possibly late 1970's if they have a wood grain finish. I have no idea about price when new.

  45. Awesome blog! Thought I would share. I have a pair of k-2500 (Similar to Audioline al-1000 speakers) originally my father’s now mine. Still sound great after all these years despite one mid that's not working. Bass is impressive and immediately people think party speakers however they sound great for theatre use. I’ve emailed Jensen (Who used to make them) and discovered they still sell speaker replacements for these even though they are nearly 30 years old which is remarkable. They even sent me an old school sales brochure of all the models including specs which unfortunately I can’t post.

  46. Do you happen to know if the AL-200s are 4 or 8 Ohm? I'm dreading to have to open mine up to find out :(

    1. Hi Mars, sorry I took so long to reply. I don't know specifically about the AL-200. If you have a multimeter just put the probes into the speaker terminals on the back and measure the resistance. If you measure 6 or more Ohms, then they are an 8 Ohm speaker. If you measure 3 or so ohms then they are a 4 Ohm speaker. The impedance isnt a major drama unless you turn up the volume really loud, and your amp is only capable of driving 8 ohm speakers, in which case your amp could shut down due to overheating. Or you might blow a fuse. But at normal listening levels you will only be using about 1 to 5 watts so most amps should cope with that!

  47. Hi, just found your blog while researching Audioline speakers....great work you have done here.
    I picked up a pair of Audioline speakers from a "Salvo's" store a while back, in great condition, for $20...same as the ones posted on your blog, unknown, wood grain finish, silver plastic surrounds, 12" Driver....they sound great...I was hoping to find out a little more about them....Ohms, sensitivity, handling capacity..etc...but I have drawn a blank....nothing on the speakers at all.
    Anyway...great blog

    1. Thank you very much!

      The speakers are very sensitive. About 93dB to 95dB @ 1 Watt. So you wont need much power to drive them. They are probably 4 ohm impedance and probably rated at 100 Watts maximum power handling. As a general rule, if you turn them up really loud and they start to sound distorted - quickly turn them down. Distortion will either be due to your amp clipping because it has run out of power, or, if you have a really powerful amp, because the drivers have reached their maximum power. Glad you are enjoing your Audioline Speakers!

    2. I think the linear design speakers with the plastic surrounds around the mid and tweeter were the same as the Glenwood speakers I have that I bought in about 1986,even the woofers look the same and were also run fullrange

    3. hi the plastic surrounds and even the woofer look identical and the woofer as well was also operated fullrange on some glenwood 123 speakers i have since the 80's,i wonder if bd imports had something to do with them too

  48. I have a pair of AL-1200's for sale which I've had since new, purchased from JB Hi-Fi some 15 years ago. They're in excellent condition for their age. Only reason I'm selling is I bought a pair of AL-1400's from a friend. Posted to Gumtree, waiting for ad to go live and I'll share the link or email me deathbydaifuku99@gmail.com

    1. Up for sale here if anyone is interested:


  49. Hi guys,
    wondering if anyone can help me identify these Linear Design units:



    Thinking of buying but seller but other than the make, we have no specs/details to work with.
    Any help appreciated.

  50. These speakers can only be found in Melbourne and surrounding Vic suburbs. I moved from Melbourne to nsw and cannot find a set. Luckily before moving I found in Geelong a set of AL-1000. Had them now for 8 years. Looking to find another set. This blog is awesome.

  51. Does anyone happen to have information about the driver parameters? A friend of mine is intending to throw away a pair of AL800s with a faulty woofer. I would be interested in restoring the system or reusing the drivers for a diy project if the parameters are easily accessible.

    Thanks in advance!